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    Excel Add-ins Inability to delete steps

    The situation encounter when performing a test case reload using Excel Add-ins the test case steps in QC are not deleted. Iím looking to see if this is a documented issue for the inability to delete steps using the Excel Add-ins. What recommended solution that can be given without loss of links to defects, requirements, and etc?

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    Re: Excel Add-ins Inability to delete steps

    Importing from Excel will overwrite an existing test case with same name and location in the subject tree. Test steps are also overwritten. If the modified test case has fewer steps than the original version, then whatever was not overwritten will continue to be associated with the test case.
    For instance,
    original consists of: Step 1a, Step 2a, Step 3a, Step 4a
    modified consists of: Step 1b, Step 2b, Step 4b (e.g. Step 3a is removed)
    Test case will import with: Step 1b, Step 2b, Step 4b, Step 4a - 4a is not overwritten
    But, if you had a defect linked to Step 3a, then after re-importing, the defect will be linked to Step 4b, but the link will be invalid
    1) Requirements linked at test case level, not test step.
    2) If you have steps linked to a specific defect, presumably you'd want to retain that step.
    As a general rule, once an imported test case has been executed, re-importing with modifications should be to a versioned copy instead of overwriting the original.
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