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    ALM 11 SERVER upgrade questions

    OK, Here's the problem:
    We have an application server (2003) running QTP 11 (Not patched). It is linked, as all QC servers are, to a SQL server
    We tried to patch it... no room... so we had to get a bigger server...
    Now I have a second app server (2008) and am ready to proceed (New locking codes in hand, ready to roll)

    From what I can tell,

    Step 1: Install QC on new server, answer all the questions, point it at the existing SQL server and so forth.
    Q1: At the end of this, is my existing setup still stable?

    Step 2. Do a backup of your project repository folder.
    1.Log into the Site Administrator.
    2.Navigate to the Project tab.
    3.Select your project.
    4.Note the Project Directory path in the right pane. This is the physical location of your project.
    5.Navigate to the repository in step d and back up the folder.

    Step 3. Copy the project repository to the new location on the target server.

    Step 4. Open the dbid.xml file under the project folder on the target server. and modify the project directory.

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>&lt;PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY&gt;\\&lt;servername&g t;\repositor?y\qc\Default\QualityCenter_Demo_db&lt ;/PHYSICAL_DIREC?TORY&gt;</pre><hr />
    Q2: At the end of this, is my existing setup still stable?

    Step 5. Log into the Site Administrator.

    Step 6. Remove and restore the project in the Projects tab.

    Q3: At the end of this, is my existing setup still stable?

    Step 7. Click on the project name and make a note of the Project Repository on the right pane. It should now point to the new repository path.

    Q4: At the end of this, is my existing setup still stable? (Sensing a pattern here?)

    Bottom line, my Management wants me to set up the new server, copy all the existing data from the repository to a new server, while leaving the database schema where it is...

    and I need to know if I can have 2 different repositories pointing to the same database schema without causing a dimensional rift or something...

    (I asked HP... got, in part, the following : "The only do you need to do is avoid the DB and then all the information appear in file for move the repository and change the XML.")

    Anyone out there speak "Yoda"????

    PS: After I am done with the above, are the 2 servers basically "the same"? Can I just begin to use the "new" url, to the new server, and toss the old one in a bin? or do I need to do something to the old server before I turn it off for the last time?

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    Re: ALM 11 SERVER upgrade questions


    Did you notice you posted this in the QTP forum, not the QC forum?

    I went through this exact process; setting up a new application server, moving the file system repository, keeping the databases on the original server. In my case I was not modifying the path to the file system repository; the path on the new app server was the same as on the original app server.

    Here's a summary of what I did.

    1. When installing ALM on the new application server and it asks you about creating the site admin schema, tell it to create a new, empty schema. Use the same password you used for the original schema. This will ensure you don't "trash" your existing setup and your original system will still be stable and usable. Nobody should be using the new app server yet.

    2. Copy the repository file system to the new server. Your original setup is still stable and usable at this point. Still, nobody should be using the new app server.

    At this point, you need to make the changes to shift usage to the new server. Until you complete this process, nobody should be accessing QC through EITHER server.

    3. Shutdown the ALM service on the original server, to prevent users from access QC.

    4. Update your siteadmin.xml file to point to the original site admin schema. This relieves you of the burden of migrating your site admin data. On my system, the patch to the file is C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\HP\ALM\jboss\server\default\deploy\20qcbin.wa r\WEB-INF\siteadmin.xml

    5. Restart your new app server.

    6. Try to logon to QC and to Site Admin through the new app server.

    If you are changing the path of the file system repository there are other steps that are needed. Post back to this thread if you need that additional information.
    Trudy C
    (Opinions and information contained in this post are wholly my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer.)



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