Can anyone tell me if you would get this response simply by updating a projects .xml file to remove a hex character to correct the Dashboard issue? Or does this indicate that a project was restored?

Project 'Supplier_Management' in domain 'SCS' of version '11.00' was restored with the following parameters: { project_name: \00000013\Supplier_Management, db_name: \0000001A\scs_supplier_management_db, db_type: "2", description: \0000001E\Created on 2010-08-18 18:02:51, db_connstr_format: \0000002A\jdbc:mercury:sqlserver://eotrartsv279c:1433, dbserver_name: "eotartsv279c", db_user_pass: \00000030\QCC:LECb4aCT65FAIfq5w8/sqcgnWY1IFXPzirtpptsHvec=, pr_has_vcsdb: "N", physical_directory: \00000065\D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HP\ALM\repository\qc\SCS_12\Supplier_Manageme nt\, users_quota: "-1", pr_is_active: "N", saq_is_active: "N", vm_repository: "", pr_repository_in_db: "", project_type: "Standard", is_template: "N", project_uid: \00000024\cf322c9e-c10e-4fd5-93f8-cbe70d3238c2, pr_smart_repository_enabled: "Y", domain_name: "SCS" }