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    Implementation Plan for using QC

    I work with a large contracting firm for a government agency. Our contract is split between multiple vendors. My company recommended using Quality Center (already purchased by the Agency)for requirements mgmg/validation/defect mgt. The customer approved this recommendation. Despite frequent requests to discuss project implementation tasks, such as Security Groups, workflow tasks, project customizations, and training, our customer opted to "wing it" and to start validation with the "tweak it as you go" approach.

    My firm/team is responsible for the requirements in QC, while another vendor wrote the Test Strategy/Plan, most of the test cases, etc. I have been an "unofficial" advisor on the use of Quality Center, and I make customizations as requested by the customer.

    Team members are disillusioned with QC due to the "bumpy" implementation of the original project. Our suggestions on how to streamline processes are met with "make it as simple as possible", and followed almost immediately with requests to modify look-up lists to classify objects (defects, tests, requirements) that would easily be obtained by using a filter.


    I have now been asked to provide an implementation strategy for QC on a different task. Thus my question:

    Does anyone have a web resource outlining "Standard Implementation Tasks" for Quality Center? I have my own document, and of course the QC Admin and other guides, but I believe things are perceived as more "credible" when extracted from other publications.

    Once the obstical of "who is the best expert" is removed, I expect our team's advice to be more readily accepted, but for now, another resource is probablly our best bet.

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Implementation Plan for using QC

    I would be surprised if the original contracting company did not have an implementation process already in place somewhere. Maybe not specifically for QC it could be for QM. I would search out such a document or directive if it exists and use it as the basis to create my own. I think it would be more readily acceptable that way.
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