I'm retrieving a lot of problems by trying to execute Automated QC Test Cases.
I'm working with QTP 11 and QC 11, and, in the last 2 days, I got the following message errors:

The object exporter specified was not found
The RPC server is unavailable Unable to connect the testing tool to the requested ALM/QC server.
Not enough storage is available to complete this operation Has no sense, I have many free disk space.
Unspecified error
Access is denied

**I did the follwing, but still failing:**

I have installed the Quality Center Connectivity Add-In on both the QC and QTP machines.

I have given full read/write permissions to the QC cache folder to all users.

I Have given full read write permissions to the Quick Test Add-In for Quality Center installation folder.

The 'Allow other HP products to run tests and components' has been enabled in QTP.

The following users have had their DCOM settings changed:
Authenticated Users
Anonymous Logon

to allow local and remote launch of these component services:
QuickTest Professional Automation

Firewall is disabled

Antivirus does not exist