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    Unable to edit QTP data tables from QC


    I'm working on an SAP regression test automation using QTP v11 and Quality Center v10, while most of them are data-driven tests (test data is stored into the QTP local data tables).

    The integration between both tools works fine (I can see and execute QTP scripts from QC test suites). However, I'm not able to modify the data table values from Quality Center, since the data table appears grayed and when I try to edit a cell value I get a "Locked cells cannot be modified" message.

    Still, I can edit the test procedure (steps and expected results) and the test case descriptions as well, which means the test is not being edited (and thus locked) by other user.

    Is there a QC project configuration parameter I should change in order to be able to edit the data table values, so I can update the tests inputs without entering QTP?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to edit QTP data tables from QC

    You can't edit QTP DataTable values from QC UI. You have to do it from QTP.



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