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    Retrieving the list of projects in defects tab


    I am trying to retrieve the list of projects under 'Defects tab' in QC using OTA API and display them in a drop down in the vb.net application i am creating.

    After a lot of search, i couldnt find any solution neither in the internet nor in the OTA help documentation.

    Please check the attached picture...

    Please let me know if you have any solution.
    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: Retrieving the list of projects in defects tab

    Your attachment is not accessible.

    The Project list in the Defect module is based off a customized list. To access the data I believe you will need to use the Customization object.
    Trudy C
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    Re: Retrieving the list of projects in defects tab


    Can anyone elaborate on using the Customization object. I have a similar requirement as well. I am trying to get a list of defects corresponding to a project(in the defects tab) and to a particular release. I need to create a list box with the projects and releases for the logged in user and the logged in domain/project.

    Thanks in advance.




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