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    How to refresh the requirements form?

    Hi All,

    We have configured the requirement form with all custom fields and once a new requirement is submitted, the fields are not displayed properly. The fields are not displayed from the top and it starts from the middle of the form.

    Can any one please guide me on this. I have attached the snapshot for your reference.

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    Warm Regards,

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    Re: How to refresh the requirements form?

    It is probably just a configuration issue, you need to put the code that orders the fields in both _new and _moveTo.


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    Re: How to refresh the requirements form?

    Hi Brendan,

    Already we have placed the script for ordering the fields in New, MoveTo & FieldChange. Actually we have customized the entire requirement module with all the user defined fields and we have not used the default fields.

    Warm Regards,



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