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    Bulk copying of parameters in testlab

    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if this was possible. We have a test set in QC with about 50 tests which all take the same url input parameter.
    What I would like to do is find a way to update this parameter on all the tests in the test set before running the testset.
    Is this even possible using something like the TestSetFactory. Any ideas on how this can be acomplished would be helpful or any other ideas on how to acheive this
    I was thinking about adding a custom button to the testlab module to trigger the code but not sure how to get started or if this is even possible


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    Re: Bulk copying of parameters in testlab

    It should be pretty simple to work out from the OTA API documentation and the admin guide. You are able to get the test instances from the TestSetFactory and from the test instances you should be able to get a parameter factory.

    If you are doing it from within QC you'd need to get the TestSetFactory from the currently selected test instance and then find the rest of the test instances from there. You'd probably have the parameter for the current test copied to all the other tests in the test set. You'd need to standardise on a naming convention to locate the appropriate parameter. You could generalise by asking for the parameter name to copy when you hit the button.




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