I'm currently writing a lot of manual tests and I came across a "little problem": how to properly handle variables you can only know at run time ?

For example:

- MyTest1:Click the "get a new document <font color="red">ID</font>" button and write down the newly generated ID.

- MyTest2: do something useless for this example [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

- MyTest3: Go to the 'how is my doc?' page and enter the <font color="red">ID</font> you got in Test1. Then press Enter.

I'd like:
- to give the testers the ability to correctly remember the returned IDs.
- to keep a trace of the returned IDs after each test campaign

Today, I just ask the testers to write down the returned ID with notepad, using a given txt template file.
Then I ask them to upload the document as an attachment of the Test Set.

What do you think about it ?
Is there a better way around ?