I have created a test in the Test Plan section and have added parameters under the Design Steps.
I am attempting to read the Actual Vaue of the parameter from the test script I am writing.

I have tried the following code from the OTA API reference to no avail:

Dim supportParamValuesDS As ISupportParameterValues
Dim paramValueFct As IBaseFactory

Set paramValueFct = supportParamValuesDS.ParameterValueFactory
Set lst = paramValueFct.NewList("")
index = 1
For Each param In lst
With param
.ActualValue = .Name & index
index = index + 1
End With
Next param

I receive a syntax error for the line:
Dim supportParamValuesDS As ISupportParameterValues
[Error] (L24: c28): Expected end of statement

Is this the incorrect syntax?

Is there a different approach to reading the Actual Value of the parameters I have set?