I've been working on some OTA programming within Excel and feel this could help some others out looking to do similar work.

The vba code included has two modules for interacting with the Test Plan and Test Lab, as well as having a Treeview Explorer for the Test Plan. The functions in it are as follows:

TestPlanCopyPasteTest - Copies a test.
TestPlanCreateFolderStructure - Creates a directory structure in the Test Plan
TestPlanDoesPathExist - Returns True / False if a directory path exists
TestPlanDoesTestExist - Returns True / False if a test exists
TestPlanFindTest - Returns a test found in the given path and/or it's subfolders
TestPlanGetSubjectNode - Returns a Folder as a Subject Node object

TestLabAddTestToTestSet - Adds a test to a test set
TestLabCreateDirectoryStructure - Creates a directory structure in the test lab
TestLabCreateTestSet - Creates a test set in a directory
TestLabDoesFolderExist - Returns True / False as to whether a folder exists
TestLabGetFolderByPath - Returns a TestSetFolder object for a given path
TestLabGetTestSet - Returns a TestSet for a given path

I've only been able to test this against QC 10.

Download it here. I hope you find this useful!