Hi Guys,

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the data I need from QC in regards to the execution status of Test Sets.
In QC UI the users filter on the test set folder (ie CY_FOLDER_ID) and then produce a report on the status of test sets within the folder . for example Folder "Root\Data" may have 20 test sets with 19 passed and 1 failed.
I'm trying to replicate the same report but cannot get my head around how the buildsummarygraph works for Test sets. I had no issue with the defect side but these seems a lot tricker

Any feedback on how to set this up would be very appreciated


Set TestSetFactory = TDConnection.TestSetFactory
Set myFilter = TestSetFactory.Filter
myFilter.Filter("CY_FOLDER_ID") = "^Root\Data^"
Set TestList = myFilter.NewList

Set tdGraph = TestSetFactory.BuildSummaryGraph("TS_EXEC_STATUS", "TS_EXEC_STATUS", , , myFilter)