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    QC OTA BugFactory filter

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to filter on the field BG_PROJECT however I'm finding no results are returned when there are multipole levels of folders in the list. For example, I can retrieve the correct results when the prpject list is the top level such as myFilter.Filter("BG_PROJECT") = "Project" but having trouble filtering when the project is a couple of levels down such as ProjectA\SubProject\ProjectB.
    Has anyone had experiencing filtering down mulitiple levels and know the correct format. I have tried several combinaltions and can't seem to get any results back


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    Re: QC OTA BugFactory filter

    Have you tried looking at the data actually stored in the field when you've selected a value that isn't the root of the list? I did this, and found that only the very last node of the path is stored in the field. So, if you want to filter on defects that had the project value "ProjectA\SubProject\ProjectB", you need to filter for just "ProjectB".
    Trudy C
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