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    issue with Excel Addin for Quality Center

    I am having an issue with trying to import test cases using the Excel add in feature in QC. However, the field "Status" is being required and it is not a field in my test case. This is a manual test case and the field is not required. Can anyone help?
    Ileen M. Rice

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    Re: issue with Excel Addin for Quality Center

    I was able to figure out the issue. In QC under Test Plan, there is an option to set a Filter/Sort. This option contains a filter condition of “Status”. The options for this field are: Design, Imported, Ready and Repair. I added a column for “Status” to my spreadsheet and used the entry “Design” for each row. I as then able to import the test cases. Even though the field “Status” is not visible in the test plan, it is required when importing testing cases.
    Ileen M. Rice



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