Hello Newsgroup,
as we are migrating from QC9.2 to QC11, we also have to migrate a lot of tools wich are utilizing the OTA. Now, we ran into the following problem (sorry, is a bit longer description):
With QC9.2, it was possible for the interactive user to save filter settings explicitely e.g. in the Test Plan,
and then for an OTA aware program to read and apply this filter, for example in SubjectNode.FindTests(...,filterstring).
In QC11, however, the user cannot save a filter anymore. Instead, he creates "favorite views". A favorite view does contain a filter description, but in XML format which is not compatible with the mentioned functions.
1. Is there any chance to "convert" the filter settings from the XML format to the original format without programming it myself?
2. In QC11, there is a button to copy the filter to clipboard (which is indeed in original format). But is there any OTA interface doing the same?
3. Maybe, alternatively, is it possible to apply a favorite view via the OTA (to a factory or whatever)? This would apply the filter correctly I suppose.

Thank You for any suggestions, and sorry again for the long description.