Have this strategy to create tests in the plan area of QC (Currently using 9.2...plan to move to 11):

Test Plan:
1] Under Subject, create top-level folder for Year, followed by sub-folder for Releases. Ex:
Subject \ 2011 \ 11Q1
Subject \ 2011 \ 11Q2
Subject \ 2011 \ 11Q3

2] Within a release, create a sub-folder for a Product. Ex:
Subject \ 2011 \ 11Q1\ Prod1
Subject \ 2011 \ 11Q1\ Prod2

3] Within the Product, create a sub-folder for a functional area. Ex:
Subject \ 2011 \ 11Q1\ Prod1 \ Func1

4] Within a Functional area, create testcases based on requirements for that release.

Test Lab:
Not getting into the detailed structure of the lab...assume there is a regression folder & there are folders for releases.

The sub-folder for a particular Product will have sets pertaining to different functional areas which exist for the release in the Plan area. All the tests created new for the Release in the particular functional area will be pulled in here.

So, these new functional tests are ran along with with existing regression tests carried forward from past releases.

Subsequent to the Release 11Q1, in a Product for a particular functional area some tests are designated as 'Regression' & these are moved to a folder at the top level for 'Regression'. Ex:
Subject \ Regression \ Prod1 \ Func1

Once the new tests marked for regression are moved into the respective 'regression' folder for a Product / Functional area, we go to the 'Test Lab' area & pull in these new regression tests into the top-level Regression folder.

In this way, after every release, the tests marked for 'regression' get MOVED' to the 'regression' folder in plan & then pulled into the 'regression' folder in Lab. This'll ensure that we do not have duplicates in the Test Plan area. At the same time, we keep enhancing our regression suite giving coverage to the new features as they get added.

Off-course, there should be a review of regression tests after certain intervals, to ensure that redundancy hasn't creeped in.

Pl share your opinions...particularly, cons of moving tests, rather than copying from the 'Release' folder to the 'Regression' folder in the Test Plan area.

Appreciate much.