I need some help. I have found several posts on here concerning the code that I need. However none of them work in ALM/QC 11.0.

Basic Question - I need a way to tell which group a user in a specific field belongs. (This is not going to be the current user logged in.)

Purposes - I need a way to tell if the person who detected an issue is in a specific group. When we move issues to a "Ready for QA" status, we would like it auto-assigned to the person who detected the issue. The exception is when an issue was created from outside of QA. We do not want to force the issue to be assigned to a specific user.

Something similar is needed for when we defer an issue. We have statuses and transition flows for deferals from the project. The problem is that many issues are not being assigned to users in the Project Management group (to receive approval from the business.) The same code would help me enforce this problem as well.

Robby Curry