Data being truncated when defects are exported to Excel?

We just upgraded from QC9 to QC11.

I am seeing reports of data problems with defects after users export them to Excel.

1. Highlight several defects
2. Right-click on the selection
3. Choose Export->Selected
4. Choose a file name and press Save

When we open the resulting Excel file we sometimes discover that some text is missing in the Comments or Description fields.

Is QC11 truncating data for some reason? Though I donít think itís a coincidence that it truncated the text at 255 chars. Thatís kind of a magic number. :-)

I wonder if QC11 is smarter than QC9. QC9 would export everything, but if the text was too long, Excel would crash telling you that the exported file was corrupt. Itís possible that QC11 now automatically truncates text after 255 chars to avoid this problem?