Hi All,

I am looking for some guidance on a work flow script which will copy the value from a TestSet field to corresponding TestInstance run.

For example, I would like to have the value defined in a user defined field (CY_USER_01) to be copied into the Run FIeld (RN_USER_02).

I included the following code in the Test Lab module

On Error Resume Next
Set TS = TDConnection.TestFactory
Set TestSet = TS.Item(TestSet_Fields.Field("CY_CYCLE_ID").value)
'Set TS.Item(TestSet_Fields.Field("CY_CYCLE_ID").value) = RunValue
'msgbox RunValue
Set TestF = TestSet.TSTestFactory
Set Tests = TestF.Newlist("")
For Each Test in Tests
Set MyTest = Test
if Mytest.Status = "No Run" then
Set RunF = MyTest.RunFactory
Set NewRun = RunF.AddItem(Null)
NewRun.Field("RN_USER_02") = TestSet.Field("CY_USER_01").value
end if
Set Test = Nothing
Set RunF = Nothing
Set NewRun = Nothing
Set TS = Nothing
Set Tests = Nothing
Set TestSet_Fields = Nothing
Set TestF= Nothing

'call RunTestsManually(Tests)
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

But I'm unable to copy the value. Please help.

Thanks in Advance !