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    How can i use QC 10 in Ubuntu.

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I have been trying to get QC10 to load-up on Ubuntu 11.4 and have come across the following issue.

    I have downloaded a version of QCExplorerAdin and through wine managed to get it to show the screen and had the weblink for QC 10. when i pressed the go button it started to download the relevant parts, but the processed stops.

    I'm just wondering if i need something else to download so i can get the Quality Centre login page to display.

    Kind regards


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    Re: How can i use QC 10 in Ubuntu.

    QC Client is supported only on Windows 32 bit systems.

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    Re: How can i use QC 10 in Ubuntu.

    You could give Wine and IEs4Linux a shot...or run a VM but yeah it's not supported.



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