Hi All,

I am trying to write a VB6 tool that extracts the BUG ID from the test instances in the Test Lab menu. The QC test Lab has a column called DEFFECTID for each test instance that keeps track of the bugs. I need to extract that field. I am not able to extract the field. Can you please help me do it.

Below is the snippet by which I am trying to extract the DEFFECTID.

Dim testSFolder As TestSetFolder
Dim testSetFolderF As TestSetTreeManager
Dim testSetF, APIFactory As TestSetFactory
Dim testSet1
Call makeConnection(Text2.Text, Text3.Text, Text7.Text, Text4.Text, Text5.Text, "8080")
Dim myTestSetFolder
Set myTestSetFolder = tdc.TestSetTreeManager.NodeByPath(Root)
Dim testSetList, curTest
Set testSetList = myTestSetFolder.TestSetFactory.NewList("")
Set testSetList = myTestSetFolder.FindTestInstances("")
Dim i, j
For i = 1 To testSetList.Count
Set TSTest = testSetList.Item(i)
For Each j In TSTest.BugLinkFactory.NewList("")
MsgBox j.TargetEntity.Status
Next i

I used the below snippet to extract the test instance name.

Set testSetList = myTestSetFolder.FindTestInstances("")

For each test In testSetList
MsgBox test.Name

Whether there is any member in the object returned by FindTestInstances() that will contain the DEFFECTID?

Please reply as soon as possible.