Hi Guys,

i am searching for a solution ... :-) my biggest hope is, that you guys may helps me :-)

My Problem:

i want to have a UserField under DEFECTS , which shows me in the GRID View my actual TestID and the same Solution for Testplan , too .

If i go to Testplan -> and create "lets say 5 Testcases" , all of them are getting a fixed Test_ID "TS_TestID"

i would like to have this TestID at my Defects and at my Testplan as an UserField "which will have a better look under my Grid View."

What i know is , that it could only work, when a defect will be open at the Testplan. Because the new Defect must known the actual TestID...

if i got to Defects and open a new Defect, which is not linked to the Testcase , it could entered manuelly.

I hope that one of you guys can help me .

Thanks in advance for your efforts !