I've developed an algorithm to schedule and run automated business components. This means that I use the OTA API to start the execution of automated test instances as described in the examples (see below). However, I see that the Test Run Scheduler (that is started with the 'theTestSet.StartExecution("")'-command) is never stopped after the execution is finished. Also, none of the notification mails are sent as described in QC (f.e. if the test instance fails).

Does anyone knows how to end the the Test Run Scheduler via the API?

Kind regards.

example code:

Set Scheduler = theTestSet.StartExecution("")

Scheduler.RunAllLocally = True


Set execStatus = Scheduler.ExecutionStatus

Dim RunFinished As Boolean, iter As Integer, i As Integer
Dim ExecEventInfoObj As ExecEventInfo, EventsList As List
Dim TestExecStatusObj As TestExecStatus

While ((RunFinished = False) And (iter < 100))
iter = iter + 1
execStatus.RefreshExecStatusInfo "all", True
RunFinished = execStatus.Finished

Sleep (5000)