I was looking at the possibility of some later time cleaning up old attachments in each project I thought I'd do a little checking and see what that would buy us. At first I sorted by date but that seemed like a mixed-bag. Then I sorted by size and the more I looked I realized we have the same zip file over and over again with three different names in the project. The 3 zip files below are repeated for a total of 2800 times at 7 mb each. Comes out to 19 GB of the 23 GB size for one project alone. Additionally this is repeated in other projects. These appear to be associated to test cases or test runs. I'm not certain why these are being created.

I'm hoping that the install and optimization of QC 11 cleans this up.
I put in a ticket to verify if this is one of the cleanup items. If not I'll plan on cleaning this up manually in every project post-upgrade/optimization.
I'm also wondering if this is possibly a virus. Has anyone else seen these files duplicated in your project attachments folders?

Repeated as (increment filename with the nnnnnn).

Contained in each zip are these same files:
Beethoven's Symphony No.9(Scherzo).wma
Blue hills.jpg