I have got some code which sends an email to a group when the target release is changed:

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre> Sub Req_AfterPost
On Error Resume Next
If Req_Fields.Field("RQ_TARGET_REL").IsModified then
set objReq = TDConnection.ReqFactory.Item(Req_Fields.Field("RQ_ REQ_ID").Value)
mailTo="[QA Defect]"
subject="Requirement "&amp; Req_Fields.Field("RQ_REQ_NAME").Value &amp; " has been modified"
objReq.Mail mailTo,mailCC,mailopt,subject,comment
end if
</pre><hr />

But this sends an email as soon as the change happens. I would like the email only to be sent when the item is checked in not whilst it is still checked out. Is this possible?

If it is possible, can you send one email for multiple changes to multiple requirements?

many thanks