This code worked in QC 9.2, but is failing since our upgrade to QC 10. The error is "you don't have required permissions to execute this action" on the .Post line. Anyone know what's wrong?

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre> Set objTheFolder = tm.NodeByPath(ilsQCPathName)
Set foldAttachments = objTheFolder.Attachments

Set otaAttachmentFilter = foldAttachments.Filter
otaAttachmentFilter.Filter("CR_REFERENCE") = "'ALL_LISTS_" &amp; objTheFolder.NodeID &amp; "_" &amp; shortFileName &amp; "'"
Set otaAttachmentList = otaAttachmentFilter.NewList
If otaAttachmentList.Count &gt; 0 Then
foldAttachments.RemoveItem otaAttachmentList.Item(1).ID
End If
Set foldAttachment = foldAttachments.AddItem(Null)
foldAttachment.FileName =LocalFile
foldAttachment.Type = 1
foldAttachment.Post</pre><hr />