I have a BPT test with 2 group iterations. Because there are two iterations, I want to count each iteration as it's own test. Once a test is assigned in Test Lab and Run, I can then find the iteration detail by using the TEST_ID in the RUN table to the STEP table. So for TEST_ID 50 there is 1 RUN, the detail of that RUN would be in the STEP table as follows:

100 | Group Iteration 1 |
101 | Step 1 | Passed
102 | Step 2 | Passed
103 | Group Iteration 2 |
104 | Step 1 | Passed
105 | Step 2 | Failed

By this sample it would tell me that iteration 1 passed but interation 2 failed on the the 2nd step. So to find what I need I have to find a STEP_NAME = "Group Iteration" and for each STEP_ID in order I look at all status's until STEP_NAME = "Group Iteration" again. It works but seems kind of hokey. Is there a better way?