We have recently moved from an internally hosted QC8.2 to a HP Saas hosted QC10.0 managed service and have been experiencing teething problems with the service / HP support and particularly the lack of control we have over our own system / data. I was wondering if anyone else has gone down this route and been experiencing similar issues?

1) We no longer have access to Site Administration function. This is wholly controlled by HP and you need to raise cases to request changes to take place.
2) We no longer have any direct database access so must either use QC's own tools or a web based API to create test reports.
3) If we want to run Update SQL scripts to clean up data issues, we now need to raise a new case to request this work.
4) Basic project / site user / admin type settings are now managed within a "Tools" function that does not seem to be at all user friendly.
5) System response is much slower than our previous version. Whilst I appreciate that our company's internet connection is a limiting factor (especially during busy lunch times), even when QC is accessed out of hours and from a fast external internet connection QC does not seem as responsive over the web?
6) Although paying for the privilege of a managed service and with the odd exception, support has been pretty slow and does not seem better than if we had bought the software off the shelf and installed / operated this ourselves?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.