i am using QC 10 with QTP 10. i have a test set that includes around 30 tests. when i run a test set, i run QC on one computer and remotely execute the tests on another computer. sometimes when i run the test set (maybe 50% of the time) a problem occurs. the QC "Automatic Runner" will get through X number of tests without issue and then it will open up the next test to run, display status of "Running" and get stuck there. when i go to the remote computer, QTP is open with the correct test. the status bar displays "Running" on the far right, but nothing is actually running in terms of automation steps. instead, on the far left of the status bar QTP displays "Global - Row X Action 1 - Row 1" where X is a number that is continually incrementing every second with apparently no end. i don't use the global data table in any of my tests and the affected test is never the same. has anyone else ever seen this? any thoughts?