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    Manage test scripts in QC

    I am trying to understand the overall QC automation scripts management:

    1. How to manage your test input data if you have one thansand tests?
    2. How to share glabal resources at run session?
    3. How to apply data-driven approach?

    It seems to me that test script does not need a framework since QC framework handles all environment, input, exeuction, reporting, and etc. You just need to put primitive recording and playing back steps for specific path in the script.

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    Re: Manage test scripts in QC

    Are you using QC 10.0 or 11.0? Then the best way to re-use test data in thousands of tests is the Test Resources module where you can upload data tables. The data tables from the test resources module can be used in any test scripts.

    Also a good approach is BPT. The business process testing or business components module. It is an extra license and is not included in all QC installations automatically. If you see a module "Business Components" then you have the license. With BPT you can define test data iterations. Split tests into components. Create test cases based on these re-usable components. Group components together and provide test data for the components (as input parameters). A component can also have output parameters which can be used as input parameter for one of the following components.

    QC 11.0 provides an even more flexible approach on test data: The so called test configurations.

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    Re: Manage test scripts in QC


    Very good tips and info about BPT and that might be what I am looking for. Much appreciated!



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