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    Blocked number of test cases


    Is it possible to get the number of defects blocked in a field once a defect is raised and the number of test cases blocked by it is linked.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Blocked number of test cases

    What is 'Blocked'? Is it a list item that is used in a defect field in your QC set up?

    Can you add some more details?

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    Re: Blocked number of test cases

    Thanks RajKumar216. Sorry mistyped - Its is blocked test cases not defects. Here is an example -

    I have 20 test cases in test lab of run1 folder. There is a defect(say id 235) raised for test case 5 by which test cases 6,7,8,9,10 are not able to run. so I have linked test cases 5-10 (total count 6) for defect id 235. I would like to get this count(6) dynamically some where in one of the fields of the defect 235.

    Say I have a field 'Blocked test cases' which is a numeric filed in the defect template which gets the count dynamically when the test cases are linked to that defect.

    Many Thanks.

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    Re: Blocked number of test cases

    Hi Abrakh,

    Open Test Architecture Reference has an example for retrieving links entities for a defect. Hope this would give an idea.

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    Re: Blocked number of test cases

    Thanks again Rajkumar216



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