I am running into an issue with QC.

in my setup I have 2 different machines.
1. QC client machine
2. Test machine where QTP scripts run.

In my setup I need to change the test machine time to a fixed time every day which takes the machine time out sync with the QC client box.

- now when I run testcases from QC client on test machine the execution time ( TC_EXEC_TIME) displayed on execution grid is Test machine.

- but when I run the test cases from the same QC client box but using runtestset then the execution time for the first test case that ran is test machine time but that all other test cases are having the QC box time as execution time.

- I have not tried this using OTA, I think it's the same as runtestset, but will try.

Any one has any idea how the execution time should work in execution grid in normal conditions with out any changes to workflow scripts.

I see that the execution time of last run in run instances is always test machine time.

Any inputs would be a great help. Please also share if you have similar setup how you are dealing with pulling results out of QC for each run as every time you are changing the test machine time to same time of the day.