Hello everybody here again.

I created a very simple remote control for our test tool for integration in TestDirector several years ago. This tool had simply to start our external Tool withoult any result management inside TD.

For this purpose I implemented a custom test type with a RemoteAgent and a ExecConfiguration object. There is nothing special, the implementation is similar to old examples from Mercury.

Now I have to extend this implementation, but unfortunately I'm still a QualityCenter beginner. Also I have very limited access to the QC machine.

In addition to start our external tool I now have to collect some result files created by this tool and add them do the attachment list of the according test instance/Run inside QC 9.0/10.0. Nothing more, no defects to add, etc.

But there occur several questions:

1. When ever using the simple remote control tool, my external test tool is correctly started, but QC does not create a run entry in it's databases. May be, I'm misunderstanding something, but should not every run create a run entry?

2. My main question is very fundamental: Where can I add the needed Attachments? I know about GetRunFactory, LastRun-Properties etc. but the problem is simply where to do it. I tried to do it in the Remoteagent in the last get_status-call, the one which returns "test passed". But this does not work, the TSTestFactory and the RunFactory are still empty. I assume, the reason is, QC does create all these entries after the using the RemoteAgent functions. But where does it make sense to code this things? I only know ExecConfiguration, RemoteAgent and ScriptViewer (not used), but none of these helps me. Maybe I have to use a completely different approach?

So how can I create this postprocessing step inside QC?

My development environment is Visual C++ .NET 2003

I'm a bit drifting and would be very thankful for every little help on this.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards