I currently have a problem with QC 10 and the Coverage Analysis view (in the requirements area)

We have

1 release with 2 cycles
1 requirement covered by 2 test cases

Cycle 1
Both test cases are executed and passed

Cycle 2
1 test case executed and passed

If I go into the Coverage Analysis view and view by execution pr cycle I get

Cycle 1 - Requirement passed

Cycle 2 - Requirement not complet

In cycle 2 it is only planned for 1 of the test cases to be executed and passed so it is as it should be and the requirement is "Passed" in the cycle.... but it just don't show up in the Coverage Analysis view.

Is there anyone that knows how to work around this problem?

I tried everything I can think off....

Freke [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]