I have a scenario where I want to use one QC (9.2) client to run on multiple remote machine with different versions of QTP installed in them.
1. QC (9.2) Client machine have QTP (9.5) scripts stored.
2. Test machine-1 with QTP 9.5 installed. (Win XP)
3. Test machine-2 with QTP 10 installed. (Win 7)

Now I want to run scripts simultaniously on test machine 1 and 2.

I installed QTP 10 add-in for QC on QC client machine. so running scripts on Test machine-2 works. But when I try to run scripts on Test machine-1 then I get the error "Class not registered".

I used to run test cases find on machine-1 before installing QTP 10 add-in for Quality Center.

anybody know how to fix this. So that I can run test cases on multiple test machines with multiple QTP versions.