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    Test Case templates - Agile vs Waterfall (QC10)

    We are upgrading and re-implementing from QC 9.2 to QC10 and are looking at creating some new test case templates.

    We are starting to implement Agile methodology for some of our application development teams and are looking at the Agile accelerator, but we still have application teams that are being run in Waterfall. There is some overlap between these applications team from and end to end test perspective.

    Should the test case templates stay identical or should there be differences between Waterfall and Agile?

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    Re: Test Case templates - Agile vs Waterfall (QC10)

    Your development methodology is not relevant to the content of your templates as they need to reflect the functionality of the application. Your methodology might impact how frequently they need to change to keep pace with the application though.




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