Hi All,
I'm trying to attach an excel file in a particular test set in test Lab. The original attachment is found in a folder in Test Plan.
I'm using this code and i'm getting a run Error where it's asking for ABSOLUTE PATH of the attachment in TestPlan. I'm using p_path as relative path.
My question is what is the path that I need to pass as argument to the function?
Public Function f_CopyQCAttachment (p_Path, p_Filename)
Dim o_CurrentRun, o_AttachmentsFact, o_Att, o_ExtStr
Set o_CurrentRun = QCUtil.CurrentRun

'attach the file to the current test

Set o_AttachmentsFact = o_CurrentRun.Attachments
Set o_att = o_AttachmentsFact.AddItem(p_Filename)

Set o_ExtStr = o_att.AttachmentStorage

o_ExtStr.ClientPath = p_Path
o_ExtStr.Save p_Filename, true
f_UploadQCAttachment = o_att.Post

End Function