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    QC and QTP Approach help needed

    I have 8 tests to automate in QC using QTP.
    As I started to automate the first test I can tell that it will be easier to create and maintain one test script that will cover all 8 tests. Each test is accessing the same screen with just a few different options selected.

    So the question is - What is the best approach for QC? Do I mark 8 as automated tests and not attach a script to each and then create one test seperate with the script? I will only be running one test versus 8. These tests will appear as if they are not being run. I can retire them but they are still valid manual tests if someone needs to run them manually.

    Do I just create one script for each and make my manger and his metrics happy? My manager loves his metrics.

    I will be asking what he wants however I want to make sure I am following an industry standard if there is one.

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    Re: QC and QTP Approach help needed

    Really depends on what sort of overall framework you want to use.

    In that case I would create a reusable script that can be driven by data parameters to set the different options. So it would be 8 separate automated tests, that share the same script, but have different data - identified as parameters in QC.



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