Hi All,

I have written the following code and getting QC connection disconnected on the last line "Set TestSetsList = currTestFolder.FindTestSets("Team 1")"

Function QualityCenterTest()

'Set Lib = DLL.Load("C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\Quality Center\OTAClient.dll", "USER32")

Dim qc

Dim currTestFolder

Dim testParam

Dim testSetList

Dim qcConnectionPath_String

Dim treelist

Set qc = Sys.OleObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")

qcConnectionPath_String = ""


qcProject_String = "PIKKUKIURU25"

qcUserId_String = "basruabh"

qcPassword_String = "basruabh"

call qc.InitConnectionEx(qcConnectionPath_String)

call qc.Login(qcUserId_String,qcPassword_String)

call qc.Connect(qcDomain_String,qcProject_String)

'get treelist

Set treelist=qc.TreeManager

Set Trees = treelist.RootList(Root)

' Set the folder

Set currTestFolder = qc.TestSetTreeManager.NodeByPath("Root\LIS 14.0\Iteration 1")

Set TestSetsList = currTestFolder.FindTestSets("Team 1")

Any help is most welcome!!!!