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    QC DB server upgrade to Windows 2008/SQL 2008

    At our firm we are replacing our d/b server with a new clustered servers running windows 2008, and having SQL 2008 as part of the move. I am new to QC admin as I have been asked to fill in that role. I am looking for any tips & suggestions that what should be looked upon, when this event occurs.

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    Re: QC DB server upgrade to Windows 2008/SQL 2008

    I don't think it is QC admin's Job . it is db admin's job rather. Data base is handled by db admin, But again it varies from company to company. I would recomend contacting HP and get some assistance. Also what version of QC ?

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    Re: QC DB server upgrade to Windows 2008/SQL 2008

    Oops! missed version. It is QC 10
    I contacted HP support and they did say that SQL 2008 is now supported, for which you need to install patch 12. One other thing I need to clear is that QC server is as is. It is the d/b server, which is changed. Proposed d/b server will now be part of windows 2008 server cluster and will be installed with SQL 2008. So in regard to that besides installing patch 12 on QC server what other changes or steps do I need to execute on QC server, so the QC server communicates with the d/b server.



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