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    How to use IBPComponent / IBPIteration interface?

    Hi all,
    I'm new to mercury quality center's OTA API.
    I want to fetch all information about BPT component from Test Lab (for example: Test case name, BPT iterations, status etc.)

    But i don't found a object which implements "IBPComponent" or "IBPIteration" interfaces in "Mercury Qulity Center Open Test Architecture API reference"

    Could you please tell me that which object implement above interfaces so that I can retrieve all BPT component information.


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    Re: How to use IBPComponent / IBPIteration interface?

    IBPComponent / IBPIteration interface are external classes which need to be inherited to use them and the following lines give an overview of implementing an interface.

    Implementing Interfaces
    Assuming we have an interface named AnInterface, we can only add method declarations to that interface. we can add a method named WhoAmI. The result is shown next.

    Public Interface AnInterface
    Function WhoAmI() As String
    End Interface

    All types that implement the AnInterface interface must implement every declared method in that interface.

    In this example we only need to implement the function WhoAmI.

    Suppose AClass implements AnInterface; we would need to implement WhoAmI.

    The result of implement AnInterface in AClass would yield the following code.

    Public Class AClass
    Implements AnInterface

    Public Function WhoAmI() As String Implements AnInterface.WhoAmI
    Return "AClass"
    End Function

    End Class

    The first thing we have to do is indicate that we want to implement the interface by name.

    Implements AnInterface tells consumers that AClass will implement all of the methods described in AnInterface.

    However to fetch the BPT information you are looking for doesn't need IBPComponent / IBPIteration interface, the TSTest object would give you all the details.

    vTSTest = TSTestFactory.NewList("")

    for each iTSTest in vTSTest
    var / print = iTSTest.Field("TC_ITERATIONS")

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.



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