I'm trying to install Quality Center 10 Starter Edition - Trial version on my personal machine.
I have the following doubts and problems:
1. What credentials should be given for Site Administrator during installation? - the windows user login or HP online account login or just make up any username/password??
2. I don't see the HP folder in the Start Menu -> All Programs (though I've installed it in Program Files)
3. I can't seem to open http://localhost:8080/qcbin/start_a.htm in IE. I'm getting the error: Test_type.cab - this file didn't pass signature checking
4.http://localhost:8080/qcbin/start_b.htm seems to work but I'm not sure which credentials to use to login
5. Cannot open http://localhost:8080/sabin/SiteAdmin.htm - Cannot display the page error

How should I go about using Quality Center?

Please help!