We run QC 10.0 with SQL 2005 on Windows Server 2003.

We have around 300 projects databases and have had issues with SQL Transaction logs growing to fill up the available disk space (250GB as RAID 5).

To resolve this issue we have changed the recovery model from Full to Simple for each db and have set a plan to truncate the transcation logs on a weekly basis.

Now the question:
When creating a new project database under QC, is there any way to configure QC to create it in Simple mode rather than Full?

Otherwise, can this be done from within SQL 2005, i.e. to set some sort of global policy to force creation of new databases in Simple mode?

Our current solution is to remember to set Simple mode manually from SQL Server, i.e. to configure each new database after it is created by QC.

Many thanks in anticipation.