Hi folks,

I need help in implementing the following within the workflow of HP QC.

In the Testlab, more specific in a Testset, I drag 'n drop a Test onto the grid.

Now I would like to add the following functionality: There is a user defined test instance field (eg. TC_USER_20) which is set to required. If I create a new Instance of a test, I will be prompted to enter a value for that field (due to the fact that this is set to required). But I want to let the field be set to a default value based on a similar field in the test (e.g. TS_USER_65).

I tried the following, but I am not sure how to proceed with the information I gathered:

Function TestLab_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
'On Error Resume Next MsgBox "TestLab_ActionCanExecute: " & ActionName

IF(ActionName = "act_add_to_cover") THEN
MsgBox "TC_TESTCYCL_ID: " & TestSetTest_Fields.Field("TC_TESTCYCL_ID").Value
MsgBox "TC_CYCLE_ID: " & TestSetTest_Fields.Field("TC_CYCLE_ID").Value
MsgBox "TC_TEST_ID: " & TestSetTest_Fields.Field("TC_TEST_ID").Value
MsgBox "TC_TEST_INSTANCE: " & TestSetTest_Fields.Field("TC_TEST_INSTANCE").Value 'The

Thanks in advance