Hi All,

I'm trying to use a template provided on instaling QuickTest Add-in For Quality Center - Template10 (\HP\QuickTest Add-in For Quality Center\bin\Templates\Template10)

In this template10 QTP test, I'm associating only one .vbs. Also I have only one VB script , a function call statement (ExecuteScript).

So when ever I try to load the test steps from excel to quality center, it loads as manual test case. On trying to convert to Quick-Test script from manual test case (Design Tab > Generate Script list option QUICKTEST_TEST), it uses the information given in the Template...like associates the same .vbs file and have the call statement ExecuteScript.

The problem which I'm facing now is, along with the VB statement ExecuteScript, I'm also getting all the design step details also in comment statement.

Please let me know how to avoid those design steps also comming in expert view when i try to convert the manual test case to QTP script.

- Siva