query question.

I am able to use MS Query of Excel to connect to the Quality Center database but I really would like to use MS Access as I like the reporting.

When I click on the correct connection to link to the tables it gives me a big list of databases but I have no idea what it is called. Anyone know?

I use the documentation to get test and test_cycle table for MS Query and I am able to get tests from the test lab but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the group names and filter by project correctly.

The way the test lab is set up there are folders for each project and then folders for unit, system test, and uat. In each folder are names of each section and then the test cases are in each section.

What table do I use to get say all the system test tests?

I am am to use one of the standard reports to get a list of test cases by status and by tester but they are so verbose. I just want a simple single line that says status, name of tester, execution date, and then test case name.

Our company doesn't have the Excel reporting ad in either.

If all the cases were in one section it would be easy to put it into grid view and then filter by status and export it out but with all the different sections, I would have to click on 50 different sections.