I am getting a pop-up error "Cannot create file c:\Docume~1\User012\LOCALS~1\TEMP..." when I try to save a vapi-xp script in qc. This only happens for tests for which I change the test type from manual to VAPI-XP from test plan. I have tried deleting the TEMP folder in windows but it doesn't help.

Steps to reproduce
1.convert a manual case to vapi-xp from test plan grid view
2.switch to test plan tree view
3.click Test Script Tab
4.A line Script file: "C:\DOCUME~1\User012\LOCALS~1\TEMP\TD_80\17194B02\ TEST\EnterMatter_Direct-BU_1290\1290\1290\" not found exists in the editor window.
5.Add something click save button erorr message popup "Cannot create file c:\Docume~1\User012\LOCALS~1\TEMP..." displayed.

I checked on other machines and this problem persists there aswell.

Thanks for reading