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    Combining projects

    Our management is distressed because each of 30 applications that we test are in different projects. This means that they have to login and out of a number of individual projects to find out who is assigned what - bugs, etc. They would like to see these projects rolled into one database instead of each one being its own instance of SQL server? I suppose that this is theoretically a possibility but it seems that the work involved in getting all of the existing bugs and tests, etc. to retain their relationships might be difficult. Has anyone tried this? What are the pitfalls? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Combining projects

    Basically what you want to do is to have a single project in QC instead of 30 projects. Is that correct?

    I would not suggest directly copying the database fields since it would be difficult to interpret all the relationships, though they are documented. You can use the API to script this too, if you all are familiar with it.

    QC allows copy-paste data from one project to the other. This is a VERY slow process as I could remember, but it is possible. However, you have to be careful about the configuration of each project. Since QC projects are customizable individually, when you copy from one project to the other, you may get wrong (and possibly corrupted) data in case the configuration is not exactly the same. For example, if you have defined user fields differently in different projects, they would be copied to the wrong field since it just copy user field 1 of source to user field 1 of target etc.

    Since you have a large number of projects, spending some time to develop a script may not be a bad idea.


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    Re: Combining projects

    I would give management some reports (graphs included). Then they dont even have to log in. Infinitely easier than combining active projects - especially unrelated ones.

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    Re: Combining projects

    Also consider setting up the Dashboard module... it may do all your manager wants.

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    Re: Combining projects

    The dashboard in QC 10 is the only one that is able to do cross project reporting. And then you need the enterprise edition, extra $$. Now I have seen posts that stated the the dashboard in QC10 is not worth the upgrade. I admit that I am ignorant of ts features. Is it composed of 'canned' reports, or can you write your own. Like, we want to be able to look at a tester or developer and see what the status of all defects assigned to that person across all projects.

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    Re: Combining projects

    QC dashboard is a good tool, but I don't think it is the appropriate tool for your requirement. It is intended to provide a high-level overview of multiple and different projects. Dashboard works by regularly collecting snapshots of data from all the projects, based on defined KPIs(Key performance indicators), and visually displaying the changes over the time. You can define your own KPIs to drill down to defect levels but it would be complex and would create a huge database since it accumulates data over the time. I have never seen it is used to find out things like what defects are assigned to me across all the projects.

    Probably you should consider reducing the number of projects, grouping them logically, rather than trying to go for a single project.


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    Re: Combining projects

    The old dashboard is discontinued. QC10 cross project "dashboard" is just some standard graphs with a drill down to the standard pre-filtered UI display.
    You would probably need to install or make your own tool but its easier than disturbing everyone with project merge just for a few reports.

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    Re: Combining projects

    OK.. Probably they do not maintain a additional database any more. Other than that, this is what it was before too. It is only for high-level view of multiple projects, rather than detailed view. Still, dashboard is only available with premier edition I think (which would be expensive:-).


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    Re: Combining projects

    [ QUOTE ]
    Still, dashboard is only available with premier edition I think

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The so called "QC10 dashboard" is available with all editions, but cross-projects Excel requests are available only in the Premier edition.



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