I'm trying to upload local test run results to QC and I must be missing something because when I use either the test result viewer or result deletion tool, the path of the test result is wrong.
What I do is:
I create a test in test plan, I create a test folder, testset and test instance in test lab annd link it (hopefully) correctly.
And here is where I think something is missing:
I use the test extendedStorage to upload the local test results in a subfolder named: "RN_CYCLE_ID"_"RN_RUN_ID", eg. 123_49
Then I use the test instance runfactory to create a virtual Run object.
I then set its fields, for instance the run results location
and post the results.

If I then use the previous mentioned ExtendedStorage, I can verify that the new result folder is created (e.g. by calling 'Load' on the extendedStorage object).

I can see, that the Run.ResultLocation is assigned the correct location, the previously created subfolder.

But if I use the Test Results Deletion Tool, I see a different path for the result location. It is now the path for the test and not the subfolder with the run results.

I feel that I've forgotten to update something. Maybe the test object?

Thanks for any input